T8 Tube LED Series

T8 Tube Specifier Series LED

Philips T8 Tube Specifier lamp is a LED replacement for

existing 2 and 4 foot linear fluorescent fixtures and

provides up to 40% energy savings over T12. With long life,

low energy consumption and no mercury, Philips T8 is the

next generation in sustainable lighting.


• Long Life– L70 is 40,000 hours

• Glass-free for safer working conditions

• No mercury allowing for non-hazardous waste disposal

• Emits virtually no UV rays


• Simple re-wire drop in replacement allows for quick installation

• Patented safety technology that electrically separates the end caps,

allowing for a safer operating environment

• Full light output down to -22°F (-30°C)

• Available in 2ft and 4ft T8 types, offering a color choice of either 835

or 840


Contact Information

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Surabaya - Jawa Timur

(031) 856  5888


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